The Galeria Sibley is a working Mosaic Studio & Gallery undergoing renovation to serve as a BnB/Gallery.


Located next door to the First National Bank built in 1905 (which burned in 1907 and was immediately rebuilt), 103 West Holland was built by Mitchell Werth in 1905 and has been used for various retail enterprises. In 1905, the building was known as the Larkin Store on "Front Street"  (downtown was know as Murphyville then & renamed Alpine when the railroad was built.)

Pre 1911 (another fire) - the building was known as the Mitchell Werth & Co. and in 1920, as the Mitchell-Gillette.

After 1936, the Alpine City Hall moved into the Bank Building next door.

The western portion of the building was best known as the Kandy Kitchen (now Galeria Sibley), the eastern portion becoming the J.C. Penney Store in 1934.

George and Betty Drewry opened WHITE’S AUTO STORE in 1959. Name changes over the years were: OTASCO, COAST TO COAST HOME AND AUTO. Coast to Coast closed their doors in 2007 and the building remained empty.

In 2012, Hiram and Liz Sibley bought the larger (western) portion of the building & Judge Roy Ferguson purchased the smaller building next door:The old Alpine Bank, concealed under a layer of stucco.  In 2014, Judge Ferguson, the Sibleys and Bob Fast (who owned the other half of the building to the east) joined forces in removing the stucco to expose the old bank building and restoring the original awning/exterior facade of what is now Galeria Sibley and Ranch House Too (purchased by the Kibbe family in 2016). The Galeria Sibley will become a BnB/Gallery/for rent space in the near future.

*photos courtesy of SRSU Archives